The best way to contact is probably to visit my place since i am around a lot, then you will know a part of me, my work and what i am doing. From the International airport of Mactan Cebu, where we sometimes catch up and drive our customers to, MB’s Tavern/restaurant to Hotel MB’s Garden Inn. And in the same facility also the very Outsider MC clubhouse at the Hotel bar. Outsider drive in from Basak Kagudoy


The road Basak Cagodoy Bual bankal road, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu, Philippines. Want to send a postcard why not give MB’s a nice line with a link in your bloging instead. Thats probably the absolute best way of contact since this also reveals a part of yourself also.

This is a – notworking – contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form. just for error reporting atm. Please use the map for urgent contact and contact info. Click on the MB’s Tavern, MB’s Hotel Garden Inn, or the Outsider MC Clubhouse to find the correct contact information. Even Booking a rooms at the hotel is possible to the lovest price from the major booking services avaliable online.

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+63 32 494 0851 (Work)

Outsider MC Club House Hotel Garden Inn Basak Kagudoy Lapu-Lapu city, 6015 Cebu Philippines


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