Well, it started back in the days with a little bakery. A bakery with fresh daily bread became more and more a tavern. A tavern with some small little rooms in Mactan.

Then it worked out so good that we built a pension house. Gradually the pension house near the Mactan Cebu international airport became so popular, so we invested more and soon had a Hotel there. Thats the MB’s Garden Inn hotel with a Restaurant and a Hotel bar. The Hotel restaurant and bar is also the Outsiders MC Clubhouse. So really its a place for lovers of big bikes but also a place for lovers of big bikers as well as anyone who want to have a reasonable priced accomodation comfortably near the airport and yet ambient in the relaxin nature of the garden inn.

Well the work is in part also the creator of it, Michael Effelberger.

Cebu Daily News about mactan Biker, like Outsider MC Mactan Chapter and it’s President Michael Effelberger.

OUTSIDER MC Mactan Chapter started as a loose group of friends that had been riding together for many years. Then in June 2005 we were approached to join the world of OMC. We looked into the club and decided that we would like to join this brotherhood. In the beginning we were only 8 members but now we have swelled to over 20 members of many different nationalities from Germany, Swedish, American, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and Australian but we all live in the Philippines. Many of our member are working as seamen that work hard offshore for months straight, but when they return, they love to ride.
As a club we are young however we have many years of motorcycles and riding together. Each year we do at least one charity run and we join the other chapters around the Philippines for our National Run. Living in the tropics we have the benifit of being able to ride all year round.

Through our members we have built up a very comfortable club house and slowly but surely we are also building up a well stocked workshop for our bikes as well.